Our mission

Our mission is to help you find and purchase the property you are looking for in France, and make that process as carefree and pleasant as possible. Here’s how we do that that :

Defining your project

Once our engagement is signed, the Buying-in-France team will work closely with you to

  • Gather all information to understand your  project
  • Evaluate the feasibility of your project
  • Implement a strategy based on your needs
  • Deliver an initial screen of properties and explain to you the type of properties that correspond to your project
  • Budget your project and establish the timeline to follow towards a close
  • Advise you during the definition of your project to move forward with clear and feasible goals.


Understanding the financing component is an important aspect that will influence our ability to negotiate during the property purchase.  Buying cash is the easiest, quickest, and best way to negotiate a selling price.  However, due to current market dynamics, many buyers finance their purchase with low-interest rate mortgages. Our network of professionals will help you find lawyers, mortgage and currency exchange brokers, as well as financial advisors to be sure that your investment is efficiently planned and managed.

Searching properties

Our team scouts the entire real estate market through our network of real estate agencies, direct owners, and public notaries. Unlike some real estate agents who are biased and will try to make you visit all of the properties they are mandated to sale, we will find you the best options via all sources available. We make sure to carefully select the properties that correspond to your search and optimize time.

Visiting & Reporting

We remove scheduling burden from our clients and manage the entire visiting schedule. We will accompany you to all visits, and will develop a list of all negative and positive aspects of the property.

We draw up detailed reports of each home visited to help you compare properties, and give advice in the final decision making process.

Negotiations & the purchase offer

Once our client has found a property they wish to acquire, we assist in negotiations.  Our market knowledge and negotiation experience is essential in securing the best market price available. Through our network of professionals, we work to get answers to key questions:

  • Length of time the property has been on the market
  • Sale price of similar properties
  • Owners’ Rationale for selling the property
  • Flexibility in selling price
  • Urgency in closing the transaction
  • Competing bids

We can also arrange for structural surveys or inquire with contractors for any renovation costs a client deems necessary

The purchase offer signing

Once your offer has been accepted by the owners, we proceed with the official signing of the Purchase offer (“Promesse de Vente” or “Compromis de Vente”) either directly with the agency, or in the office of a Notary public.  We assist the agency or the Notary in preparing this legally binding agreement and make sure that all legal terminology protecting our clients’ interest is included, including the terms that must be satisfied pre-closing.

The final sale

The signing of the final deed of sale (“acte de vente authentique”) will take place at a public Notary “notaire”, who is a state representative. Once the signing is executed and that the purchase agreement is finalized, our client receives the keys to their new home.

The date for the final sale will be agreed upon by the buyer and seller and set by the “notaire” once all the necessary checks have been made and loans accepted (if requested).  You can expect a three months’ timeframe from the signing date of the “promesse de vente” or “compromise de vente” to the final signing of the “acte de vente authentique”. The notary will confirm the final balance due at the time of the final signing of the deed.

Moving in

Once our client obtains the keys to his new home, the move in-process can begin. We can also assist in making sure everything is up and running, including but not limited to internet, gas, electricity, water.

We remain your local contact until you settle in and make your own contacts. We can recommend caretakers, gardeners, architects and contractors if you are planning on doing renovation work.

Guidance along the way

Our team are projessionals in the real estate market and will guide, assist and advise you throughout the entire buying process.  You can count on our team to work with your best interests at heart.  Please contact us about your purchasing project. For further information about the buying process, and tips on home finding in France, click here.