Why us?

IMG_5565Why a French buyer’s agent?

In France, estate agents do not provide buyers with impartial representation. They are hired to sell properties, and their commissions depend on the final sale price. Hence, they are inherently not impartial to the properties they show, as they have interest in selling homes at the highest price possible. Their clients are the sellers.  Exclusive buyer agents work solely for the buyer, which helps avoid any conflict of interest during the negotiation and closing process.

Whether you are a French or foreign buyer, we are here to represent you and your interests during your property acquisition.  Although we are fully licensed real estate agents, we do not take on any mandates to sell properties in France and hence remain completely impartial to our clients.  In addition, our fees do not change if we find you a property directly with a buyer or via an agency.  We remain ethically and financially independent and unbiased.

As a dedicated team, we promise to:

  • Save you time, effort, and money
  • Have full transparency about all ongoing processes and protect your sole interests
  • Work in close relationship with you and keep you promptly updated during the process
  • Make sure your adaptation to your new home and environment runs smoothly

We offer access to all properties on the market, through our knowledge and relationships with real estate agencies and private sales.

We lay the groundwork needed to help you understand the entire sale process before you make your purchase.  Foreign clients also greatly appreciate our services as we explain the entire transaction process, as French property legislation differs from foreign regulations.

Ultimately, having a partner you can trust ensures the best possible home buying experience.

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